Emerging Trends Of The Ever-Changing Garments Industry In Bengal

The Indian garments industry has witnessed terrific growth and development in the last 2 decades. The considerable new growth opportunities have positioned the country as a top manufacturing destination with cotton-based raw material and cheap labour with easy access to the international markets.

Bengal’s garment industry has been playing a significant role in the growth and development of the Indian apparel industry. With a wide selection of textiles in various designs and techniques, the textile industry of West Bengal is changing rapidly. The growth drivers include the uniqueness of the weaves, beautiful textures, the premium quality raw material and the hand woven fabrics of Bengal. As a result, the garments industry in Bengal is witnessing some specific trends.

Read on to learn about the trends the Bengal apparel industry is going through!

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5 Emerging Trends the Garments Industry In Bengal Is Witnessing

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Manufacturing
    With the state confronting pollution issues, it has somehow become imperative for the apparel industry to adopt various eco-friendly strategies for manufacturing garments. To avoid the usage of organic colours, the industry is now emphasising on sustainable techniques for reducing water consumption in garment manufacturing. Moreover, with customers being well-informed and sensitive about the rising environmental issues, there has been a gradual inclination towards organic apparels.


  • Smart Casuals
    Gone are those days when corporate dressing was restricted to strict formal wears. Corporate dressing these days are no longer limited to formal wears in minimal designs and pastel colours. In women’s formal wear, traditional and western formal wear has been replaced with the concept of smart casuals. The increasing inclusion of semi-formals has gradually resulted in the acceptance of chinos and other trousers which are relaxing for the wearer. Employees can pair these trousers with t-shirts or half sleeved shirts.


  • Smart Garments
    At a time when technology has penetrated every aspect of life, even the garment industry is witnessing some major technological up-gradation. After smart television, smart-watches and smartphones, it is “smart shirts” which has taken the industry by storm. This has emerged as the newest trend in the apparel industry. Though the present wearable technology mainly consists of various devices like smart-watches and fitness brands, there has been a recent shift towards smart garments among premium customers.


  • Online Shopping
    More and more customers now shop online at various e-commerce sites. E-commerce in Bengal has been growing rapidly in the last few years and has played a major role in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. By providing attractive discounts to customers with their varied range of products to choose from, these e-commerce portals are luring customers to change their mindset.


  • Growth Of Organised Retail
    The Indian apparel industry is transforming rapidly and even the Bengal garment industry is witnessing a gradual shift from unorganised to organised retail. This transformation is due to the increased penetration of branded clothes, awareness of latest fashion trends among buyers and increased income. This penetration of organised retail chains has contributed to the massive growth of the fashion industry in the domestic market.

By keeping these newest trends in mind, a reputed export hub in Kolkata leaves no stone unturned in promoting Bengal’s flourishing garments industry in the international market!