How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Garment Brand

Today, India boasts a wide array of talented designers as well as garment manufacturers. These talents try to put their best efforts effectively to select the right colour range, print, embroideries and last but not the least, fabric. In fact, choosing the right fabric is the key for any designers for display their finish garments. And so the fabric should be judiciously chosen considering the season, latest trends and comfort.

Designers usually don’t visit any fabric store. They rather source them out from agents, manufacturers or wholesalers. As a designer, you can also visit major fabric tradeshows. Such shows typically take place around the same time as various fashion weeks. Majority of such tradeshows feature leading fabric suppliers as well as foremost members of the garment industry of the country including garments Industry in Bengal.

Here are some tips, especially crafted for the designers like you, on choosing the right fabrics for collection line.

  • Do your homework – You should have the basic concept of fabric content, weights and weaves. Be specific about your requests. Your question should be framed such a way so you get the following answers.
    1. End use and user of the fabric
    2. Quality expectations
    3. Weight
    4. Fabric content
    5. Estimated price range
    6. Quantity
    7. Colour
  • Understand what to ask – When you contact a miller or wholesaler, keep in mind that you’re on the way to building a long-term business relation. So be respectful and honest toward your potential partner both in terms of their time and offerings. Here are some dos and don’ts you should follow.
    1. Request for sample swatches
    2. Request for shade cards
    3. Ask minimum up front quantity of order
    4. Know their requirement and payment method
    5. Ask about how punctual they are about timely delivery
    6. Don’t expect too much about the above pointers
    7. Ask about the prices but don’t focus solely on this
    8. Don’t want them to educate you on the fundamentals of fabric
    9. Don’t criticize their offerings
  • Flexibility matters – Even if you’ve found a good match between your requirements and the mill/factory/wholesaler, chances are rare that you’ll be offered with price, date and other pointers exactly as per your expectation. So be flexible to ensure a good and healthy partnership. However, you can always give a try for different colour choices, different fabric types, and different prints. You never know what clicks when and this is even truer for fabric being a subjective product.
  • Deal with a professional – Well if you find all these discussed above to be challenging, you’re not wrong. They are challenging. If you’re more interested in putting your effort and time in product designing, brand building, making an effective distribution model and clientele rather than learning the complexities of sourcing fabric, you can get professional help to aid you as well as your business with sourcing assistance.

These are just a few tips to consider while choosing the right fabric for your collections as they really matter to survive in today’s fast-changing economic scenarios and global cues.