Seeking For The Best Export Hub In Kolkata? Here’re Some Tips!

Have you been on the lookout for a reputed export hub in kolkata which can produce your desired garments? Confused about the ways to determine if the factory you are finalizing on offers good quality products? Still wondering how to make the right choice? No worries. All you need to do is learn a few tips to make an informed decision!

When it comes to producing garments, working with a leading export hub can indeed be a wise move. They have ample space and advanced equipment to do everything as per your needs. They boast of a dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals who have the ability to produce apparels as per the highest standards of the garments industry in Bengal. Moreover, with their state-of-the-art units, they can even achieve the very best quality products.

Here are a few tips you must consider for choosing the best factory and get your desired products!

Export Hub In Kolkata

4 Useful Tips To Help You Choose The Best Export Hub In Kolkata

Pick The Right Factory
The first consideration you need to keep in mind while picking an apparels factory is what you are making. Just like brands and designers, even factories have their own specialities and thus you should look for a factory which specialises in the kind of products you want. For instance, if you want jeans, check if the factory specialises in producing jeans and has an understanding of denim too.

Consider The Quantity
You need to know the exact numbers of products you want. This is because while visiting an apparels factory, the first thing they want to know is the quantity you wish to produce. Since the total quantity will affect the cost of each garment, this should be a vital consideration.

Remember; the number of apparels is per style and not the total number of products for all styles. It will be the exact quantity of apparels you need across all colours and sizes for one design. This will even help you mention the number of styles you wish to give them so that they can determine the exact volume in total.

See A Few Samples
Another consideration you need to keep in mind while visiting a factory is to inspect a few samples so that you can assess the quality of their products. Look for a leading export hub in Kolkata who will be happy to provide you with some samples. Ensure that you ask for 3-4 different items to compare and ask for samples which are close to your desired products. From assessing the stitching quality to determining the fabric, ensure that you inspect every aspect so that you can make the right decision.

Check The Delivery Terms

Your last step is to inquire about the pricing and delivery policies. You will find that every factory expects money at different times. Choose a company whose payment terms you are comfortable with. Understand the policies properly and think about the available options.

Now that you are aware of these tips, what’s still holding you back? It’s time to visit a reputed export hub and choose the best garments!